Tuesday, January 26, 2021
WOW! LOVED these 10 things about Heaven that BLEW MY MIND AWAY! Im SO glad I found this! I'm SO excited about Heaven! Thank you my beloved God!

10 Wonderful Things Every Christian Needs To Know About Heaven

Once the Lord comes like a thief in the night, and when people are least expecting it, He'll whisk away every single one of his beloved saved people. Not every detail about the afterlife for...
Totally LOVED these Bible verses about NOT giving UP! I'm SO glad I FOUND THIS!

16 Bible Verses For When You Feel Like Giving Up

The feeling to just give up is a very familiar feeling for many of us when things are so unbearable or overwhelming. These Bible verses about not giving up hold a really special place...
WOW! TOTALLY LOVED these 40 Billy Graham quotes!

Top 40 Billy Graham Quotes To Know And Change Your Life

These are 40 of the best Billy Graham quotes: Some of the best words a man could have ever spoken in this world. From Harry S. Truman to Barack Obama, Billy Graham counseled 12 consecutive...
Totally LOVED these Bible verses for when I'm exhausted! Definitely pinning!

15 Bible Verses For When You’re Exhausted

Daily life can bring deplete you from all energy. This demanding lifestyle of the 21st century requires so much more of us everyday. The work life, the needs from your family or children, and all...
How to pray

10 Inspiring Quotes By Biblical Women You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

While they may have initially had their flaws, they were really incredible women because of the amazing faith they had that turned them into something amazing for God. These are the Biblical women. Who were...