Top 40 Billy Graham Quotes To Know And Change Your Life

These are 40 of the best Billy Graham quotes: Some very inspiring words. From Harry S. Truman to Barack Obama, Billy Graham counseled 12 consecutive presidents, reached more than 210 millions for Christ, and preached in more than 180 countries, and glorified our beautiful Lord Jesus Christ in countless ways. Every single one his quotes …

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15 Powerful Proverbs For Kids You’ll Wish They Knew Sooner

Totally LOVED these 15 Proverbs for kids! Any kid can become really smart with these Proverbs! LOVE them!

The book of Proverbs is amazing. They’re life-changing, meaningful, extremely useful, and can make a difference in your kids’ life. Here are 15 of the best Proverbs for kids. In here you’ll find a list. While you’re reading some of these Proverbs for kids, I’ll be giving you special comments and insight in some of …

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10 Must-Know Scriptures For College Admission

Scriptures to help get into college

The college experience(including the application process) is so particularly unique. There are so many good things in it that make it be so fascinating and a stressful burden at the same time. From SATs, to essays, recommendation letters, good grades, to extracurricular activities, the process of choosing, applying and getting in can definitely become a …

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