Bible Verses About The Heart: 12 Important Scriptures

Bible verses about the heart

There are many Bible verses about the heart, as the heart has a great significance in the Bible as the epicenter for decisions, thoughts, intentions and your core identity. It is the most important part of ourselves in the eyes of God. What occurs in the heart is the cause of the success or the …

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14 Bible Verses To Learn The Importance of Fasting In Your Life

Bible verses about fasting

Fasting is a ritual act of worship and submission to God, just like prayer is. The origin of fasting is uncertain, but some speculate it might have originated in the ancient Near East. The considerable importance that fasting possessed for Judaism and later, Christianity, was probably given in part by Leviticus 23, which established the …

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16 Bible Verses About Going To Church Every Christian Should Know

We have early historical evidence that for ancient Roman and Greek Christians (who converted from polytheistic beliefs), the act of going to church was much more meaningful than we might initially think. In the Roman Empire, religion was a public matter and all religious practices(such as sacrifices to the gods) of non-Christian Romans were very …

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