6 Must-See Christian Ted Talks

Totally LOVED these 6 Christian Ted Talks! They are SO much better than any other TED talk out there! WOW! LOVE THEM! Christian TED talks are SO amazing! I love Jesus Christ SO MUCH!

Ted Talks can be so educational and great. They can be an amazing way to learn about new stuff from the perspective of professionals and other successful people. However, when it comes to Christian Ted Talks, they become a blessing that comes straight from Heaven. These speakers(specially Ravi Zacharias) are all incredibly successful Christians that …

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10 Astonishing Christian Songs You’ll Wish You Had Heard Sooner

Listening to Christian songs from worship groups like Hillsong on Spotify is a top habit for the best Christians

It doesn’t matter whether you are an Evangelical, a Baptist, a Methodist, Lutheran or another type of biblical Protestant denomination, if you love Jesus, you will want to add these Christian songs ASAP to all of your Spotify playlists(thankfully they’re available on Spotify). Definitely listen to these Christian songs while you work out, while you …

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The Ultimate Reason Why Christians Should Never Do Yoga

Is yoga from the devil?

In the present day, in nearly any city, suburb, community, or college campus, we can frequently see people engaging in what they know as “yoga”, a practice which they think will help them achieve peace, relaxation, fitness and/or a “focused” mind. In addition to its wide representation in movies, TV shows and other media, a …

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