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10 Astonishing Christian Songs You’ll Wish You Had Heard Sooner

It doesn’t matter whether you are an Evangelical, a Baptist, a Methodist, Lutheran or another type of biblical Protestant denomination, if you love Jesus, you will want to add these Christian songs ASAP to all of your Spotify playlists(thankfully they’re available on Spotify).

Definitely listen to these Christian songs while you work out, while you walk on the park, while you eat, while you procrastinate, while you drive to or back from work!

Worship on the go with them! As a Christian who places Jesus above everything else, these Christian songs totally changed my life(and my Spotify playlist), because their lyrics and their messages are just so incredibly beautiful. If Christ is the CENTER of EVERYTHING you do(like He should be for every Christian), you will definitely and totally LOVE these Christian songs.

Put this list of Christian songs on your playlist in order to change your life

1. The Best of all Christian Songs: At the Cross – Hillsong.

Generally, this song speaks about how the Lord knows absolutely every single one of our ways, and how loves us when we fail. The song also makes an emphasis on how the Lord continues to loves us over the years and seasons, no matter how much we change over the course of time, or how many years pass, and that nothing can separate us from his love. No wonder it has over 25 million views on Youtube.

You can check it out here.

 2.  Lord of Lords – Hillsong

Generally, this beautiful song speaks about how all we want as Christians is to adore Jesus everyday, and how He, the Lamb of God is the sole proprietor and owner of all glory, honor, and praise( and NOT Mohammad, Buddha, Dalai Lama, Joseph Smith or ANYONE else).

You can listen to it here.

3. One Thing – Hillsong

Generally this beautiful song speaks about the Name of Jesus is above everything and everyone else.

You can listen to it here.

4. You Are Faithful – Hillsong

This song is incredibly special and comforts me a lot during difficult times. It generally speaks about the Lord is our guide and the ultimate place of all our relying and trust(this is specially important because while people rely on every single thing like money, opportunities, or their boyfriends or girlfriends, we rely on the Lord, and the song praises the Lord’s faithfulness which remains forever.

You can listen to it in here.

5. Here I Am To Worship – Hillsong

This song speaks about the fact that we just don’t know how much it cost our Lord Jesus to die and suffer on the cross for OUR SINS. The song emphasizes that it thanks to him that we can be FREE from dirty sins. Glory the our Lord. 

You can listen to it in here.

6. Worthy Is The Lamb – Hillsong

The message of this song is similar to song #5, and it is based on a passage from Revelation that states that our Lord Jesus is the Lamb of God who suffered inconsiderable pain for our salvation and is worthy of all worship and honor. 

You can listen to it in here.

7. All The Heavens – Hillsong

This one is one of my TOP favorites. Overall, I just don’t know how to explain it: It’s beautiful. It states that ALL nations will come and honor the Lord Jesus.

You can listen to it in here.

8. Sweet Communion – Leeland

This one very special song amongst all Christian songs. It’s very special message is about regaining communion with the Lord, and asking him to draw us unto his arms again. Which is very special, because some times during our life we seem to lose communion with the Lord(because of dirty SINS).

You can listen to it in here.

9. Dwelling Places – Hillsong

This one has a SUPER special place in my heart. You just have to listen to this one.

You can listen to it in here!

10. God of Ages – Leeland

We finish this Christian songs list with this special song from Leeland emphasizes that God’s love has the power to heal absolutely ANY wound we may have within ourselves(which is important, because people ineffectively try to heal their wounds with alcohol, drugs, and boyfriends or girlfriends. Enjoy!

You can listen to it in here!

11. Through It All – Hillsong

Last but DEFINITELY not least, I finish this holy list of Christian songs with a song I’ve discovered recently. Wow, how to really describe this song? It’s my top favorite and most beloved Christian song right now. It has brought me to tears a LOT of times I’ve heard it because in it, the Hillsong Church team in Australia speak about singing a hymn of pure love to the Lord because of his faithfulness, and his everlasting presence and watch in our lives.

Darlene Zschech is a pastor in Australia and author of the many extremely beautiful Christian songs heard by millions worldwide
Darlene Zschech is a pastor in Australia and author of the many extremely beautiful Christian songs heard by millions worldwide.

You can just listen to it in here.

Honestly, this list of Christian songs ROCKS and I’ve been listening to them since I was a kid. They come straight from my heart, to bless yours. There are some other Christian songs which are just incredible that I will place in upcoming posts. If you think that’s it, don’t! Stay tuned! God bless you.

If you liked this post, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to know how these amazing Christian songs changed your life and your Spotify playlist.

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