Is Yoga From the devil? 3 Shocking Reasons That’ll Make You Never Wanna Do Yoga Again


In today’s world and in nearly any city, suburb, community, or college campus, we can frequently see people practicing what they know as “yoga”, a practice which they think will help them achieve peace, relaxation, fitness and/or a “focused” mind. According to a study by the Yoga Journal, nearly 20.4 million Americans practice yoga in the present day. We can generally see people from all ages, ethnicities, and genders engaging in this worrisome activity, who innocently practice this activity thinking that it will help them achieve certain spiritual objectives. However, the origin of yoga is a dark one, since there are 3 Biblical reasons why you shouldn’t do yoga.

The reality for all those 20.4 million people is a really scary one. 

If you are a Christian who loves the magnificent Lord Jesus: you have to know this. We are in the last times and many will be deceived.

The beautiful Lord Jesus loves you, but he doesn’t want you to get possessed. When you do yoga, you are actually asking demons to give you peace or “relaxation”.

avoid yoga
University of Louisville

We spoke with a professor from the Department of Comparative Humanities at the University of Louisville and we found out something astonishing:

There are 3 main reasons why you shouldn’t do yoga. Among these 3 shocking reasons that’ll make you never want to do yoga ever again, two are spiritual and one is biological.

  • So, Here Are The Top 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Yoga:

yoga from the devil
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  • Reason 1: It is a demonic/idolatry practice that could get you possessed very easily

It came from Hinduism, and pagan Hindu texts called “Upanishads” gave birth to it.

If you do yoga, you are stating that the pagan Hindu gods(which are demons) can give you the peace, or “relaxation” you need, and not the Lord Jesus.

In an attempt from the devil to to infiltrate himself into our lives, he disguised a demonic practice as something “relaxing”, “peaceful” and put it into people’s daily lifestyles.

Just like “karma”, an idea of “justice” that a lot of people believe in(but it’s a pagan Hindu idea that’s contrary to Christianity), yoga and Christianity do not get along. It’s like saying Islam and Christianity can get along. 

The Ancient Upanishads pagan Texts That Gave Birth To Yoga In India

In the Asian continent around the year 2500 BCE, there were advanced urban centers with major fortified cities, intricate plumbing and irrigation systems. Archeologists recognize all of these as the “Indus Valley” civilization. Western Indologists state that this civilization compiled a set of texts called the “Vedas”, “Brahmanas” and “Upanishads”.

According to orthodox Hindus, the “Vedas” are not even the work of any humans, they consider them to be “shruti” texts, which means “revealed” by their own Hindu deities instead of humans. They are “the breath” of Hindu deities, and these texts are thought to transcend human time and be as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. Understanding the word “shruti” is vital.

So, whenever you see the word “shruti” think: “Revealed by pagan Hindu gods”. 

Because yoga was not meant for Christians. It was meant for people who believe in anything but our lovely Jesus.

Among those ancient “shruti” texts from the Hindus, these texts called “the Upanishads” are thought to be the teachings from “highly realized” spiritual masters, and they were developed around 600 to 100 BCE. The Upanishads represent the “mystical insights” of rishis or masters, who sought to connect with an ultimate reality (In Christian terms, the spiritual world) through their meditations in the forest. They placed a strong emphasis on not an outward ritual performance, but instead on an inner experience as “the path to realization and immortality”.

yoga from the devil
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They believed that the human senses (sight, touch, smell, hearing) are fleeting and impermanent and pass away when one dies, having never experienced the “unseen reality”. This “unseen reality” they call Brahman, which created “atman”, the soul, and from which spring the multiplicity of forms, including humans.

These Upanishads teach that when one achieves a “union” with atman and its source, Brahman, one will experience unspeakable peace and bliss. This where us Christians need to be scared to death. We know that only Jesus can bring true peace to our hearts and minds.

Now that we have explained what “Upanishads” are (sacred texts, revealed by Hindu pagan gods), we can finally understand where yoga comes from, and why it should really worry us Christians. Yoga (“yoke” or “union) arouse as a spiritual practice with deep roots in these Upanishads in order to achieve the goal described in them: a state of union with Brahman or true Self. The Hindus believe that the only way experience absolute joy and bliss is to be in “yoke” or “union” with Brahman or the unseen reality and that this spiritual discipline of “yoga” is necessary in developing this state of union.

Jesus LOVES YOU AND wants you to ONLY come to Him for peace or “relaxation”.

The demons from Hinduism won’t give you any. In fact, they’ll try to possess you and destroy you.

Reason 2: The Warning From The Apostle Paul: Stay Away From demonic Religions

yoga from the devil
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You do not want to end up like possessed people from the Conjuring right?

I hope not.

Just like there can’t be a “Muslim Christmas”, there can never be such a thing as “Christian yoga” and yoga and Christianity are two totally opposite things. When we engage in yoga in order to attain peace, fitness, “stretching”, serenity, or perhaps a “focused” mind, we are really engaging in a demonic practice that was developed by pagan Hindu philosophers. The same ones who with their “mystical insights” sought to unite with their pagan god Brahman. Nor Brahman, nor any other pagan god or demon can bring peace. Only Jesus can bring true peace and joy to our hearts.

We must remember what our dear Apostle Paul stated in Ephesians 5:

Ephesians 5:11: Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them”.


Expose them with the Word of God, which has a lot of gems that protects us from stuff like this. The fruitless deeds of the darkness includes anything demonic, anything sinful that the devil tries to disguise as “peaceful”, “nice”, “relaxing” such as yoga.

Because people don’t even know that yoga came from pagan Hindu practices. Some may even know yoga is from the devil but perhaps they don’t care.

For this reason our beautiful Lord Jesus got really angry at the church of Thyatira in Revelation 2:20:

rEVELATIOn 2:20: “Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols”.

Some of the people of this church were tolerant of other people worshipping idols and engaging in demonic practices that don’t belong at ALL to Christianity. And our Lord got very angry for it.

The truth is, we can’t even tolerate false practices from other religions such as yoga.

It is our holy mission as Christians.

Reason 3: It can give you glaucoma

As if reasons #1 and #2 weren’t enough,

Yoga can actually give you glaucoma.

According to, certain yoga positions can be really harmful for your eye condition. They state that during certain inversions “including Headstand and Shoulderstand, the ocular pressure increases and could cause complications with this eye condition”.

This isn’t even surprising, given the fact that the devil’s purpose is to only “kill, steal and destroy”, just like our Lord Jesus stated in John 10:10:

John 10:10: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”.

You can read all about yoga giving you glaucoma here. 

  • In Conclusion, Put On The Armor of God

Yoga will help you achieve anything but peace and mental relaxation, so avoid it at all costs!

As Christians who love the Lord Jesus we have a responsibility to be careful of the dangerous and many disguised ways that sin and the devil try to infiltrate into our lives.

This involves putting on the Armor of the Lord(shield of faith and sword of the Word of God). This metaphorical “sword” is none other than equipping ourselves with knowledge so that we will be aware of the the many habits, practices or other pagan things which we do not notice, and are everywhere in our everyday life. 20.4 million people engage in the practice of yoga in the present day, not knowing that they are participating with demons in it when they do it.

yoga from the devil
You need to put on the Armor of the Lord in order to be able to even survive as a Christian.

My dear Christian, we are in the last times and many will be deceived. The beautiful Lord Jesus loves you, but he doesn’t want you to get possessed. So, next time when you have a friend, a college classmate or perhaps a colleague from work who invites you to do yoga, I encourage you to respectfully decline and share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with that person, and be sure to tell him or her that the Lord is the only one who can bring true serenity of mind, peace, bliss and joy to someone’s heart and mind, and not some demonic practice from Hindu polytheists.

If you loved this post, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to see your comments on this very important subject.


  1. So are you saying we can’t stretch- or lay on our back or stand on one foot or bend over and touch the ground or twist one leg around the other (maybe we shouldn’t cross our legs Indian style too) because these are some poses some false religion told people to do?
    Because I don’t think it’s fair that they get to claim something that’s good for us like stretching and breathing… what if Satan himself told us to eat vegetables? Then all Christians would be unhealthy and deficient and ultimately die- that’s not fair/ My God (the God of the Bible) is more powerful than satan and so I feel like by letting a pagan religion claim some basic movements that we could do to be healthy and honestly we do every day without thinking about it…we live in fear of Satan not God… it isn’t something we should live in fear about- just don’t empty your mind and let Satan in as with anything. If we let Satan take stretching then where do we draw the line?

  2. I used to be a Buti yoga instructor and when I became born again I thought I could change “my” practice and keep it. I was a “Christian yoga” teacher and it is so true how evil it is. I deceived so many as I was deceived and I praise God He convicted my heart and I was able to repent and change my ways however it opened me up to serious possession/oppression of demons. Great article in warning of the evilness that is yoga. To unite or yoke with Satan! Christians beware and stay away.

    • Do Buti Yoga is the same as Yoga? Its seems way different since it’s more fast paced. I’m clueless but was curious on the difference.

  3. Thank you for this article!! I have always stayed away from yoga, always heard it was evil. I never knew exactly how it came about.
    Thank you!!

  4. Thank you. Too many embrace fads like yoga without knowing the facts, or wondering what God’s opinion anout it is. I practiced various pagan faiths, tho only a little yoga, and demons pursued me for years. Only Jesus has been able to free me, and give me true peace. I praise him forever!

  5. Glad someone is speaking out. I have been told that the different positions are actually forms of worship to different demons. And nobody ever talks about this. Thank you

    • Hi Megan! Of course! You’re absolutely welcome! It’s our love for our beautiful Lord Jesus that compels us to speak out against these things, and to not even tolerate them like Revelation 2:20 states. God bless you!

    • Which ones? This is the first I’ve heard of it completely being a worship for them. I’m a cheerleader and I have been doing yoga simply for the flexibility and balance purposes. I will pray to God during any quiet part but I’ve always thought and been told it was just a way to stretch.


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