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The Best Christian Dating Advice Your Daughter Will Ever Get

There are 4 Biblical truths which are the best Christian dating advice for any girl out there. These one are game changers. Dating can certainly be hard for people who don’t have Christ in their hearts, trying to figure out if the person is potentially THE ONE. But when a Christian lady is going to date someone, a certain set of life-changing Biblical truths apply. You see, your daughter is also a daughter of the King, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of all the heavens and the Earth, and as such, things are going to be different for her in all aspects of her life, including dating.

When it comes to Christian dating, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out whether that person is worth your time, thanks to the key Christian ingredients that you should totally look for in a man.

The men in the Bible that had these ingredients were just totally awesome in their relationships and marriages. They should be your top priority because they will save you from a lot of suffering.

I’m so glad I found these amazing things to look for in a man when I am in Christian dating.

follow these Christian dating tips

So here is the best Christian dating advice ever.

There are 4 fundamental Godly things for your daughter must know (to look for in a man) before she enters the dating stage:

There can be no Godly relationship, or even Christian dating at all if that potential someone doesn’t love the Lord. Just like Liz Wann, a Christian contributor at DesiringGod.org and editor in chief of Morning By Morning states: “If he doesn’t love Jesus, he won’t love you”.

This is an essential tip that I have had in mind even since I was a kid. Because as a little kid who grew up loving Jesus and going to church, I knew: if he does not love the Lord Jesus, he has absolutely no reason to love me. If we don’t share that love for our Savior and everlasting God of all the universe, author of life, we are not going to get along.

This is the most important thing ever and you should have it in mind. A lot of troubles may arise, but when there is love for the Lord in both your heart and your partner’s heart, things are just going to be totally DIFFERENT from the rest of the world. That is because that love for the Lord will be a crucial thing that will lead you to arriving at the best solutions for each problem, no matter what they are. Trust me.

In order for that man to be the one that God has for you, this is important. He should love the Lord above EVERYTHING else. It’s the ultimate ingredient for a successful relationship. When you the Lord Jesus above everything, He takes care of everything for you.

  • He prays(like Daniel)

Following that love for the Lord Jesus He should pray at least 3 times a day like Daniel did in the Bible. The men who do this will see great miracles in their lives.

  • He practices holiness.

There is no life in Christ without holiness. God can’t be a part of sin.

In order for that Christian man to be from God, he should NOT lead you to commit any sin at all, nor practice any sin himself. Think of anything that could be sinful and avoid that.

  • He reads the Bible.

Follow these Christian dating tips

How can you spend the rest of your life with someone who doesn’t read the Bible? How will He learn what God wants for his life if he doesn’t read at all? Studying everything we can learn and glorify Christ with is a habit that the Lord definitely wants us all to have in our life, and if your potential partner doesn’t do that then your relationship will get into trouble.

It is estimated by many people, including companies like Business Insider that CEOs read an average of 50 books a year, and some even do that in a month. The truth is, before Business Insider said it, that this was commanded and encouraged by the Lord Jesus a lot of time before these successful people did it.

John 5:39 is the reason why a relationship without Bible study habits will never succeed in Christian dating/marriage. Here is that lovely Bible verse:

John 5:39 “Study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me…”

To learn more about other Christian habits that you and your partner should have, go here.

He not only reads the Bible, but even better: He practices it.

How amazing it is that when it comes to Christian dating, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out whether that person is actually worth anything. We owe that to how amazing is our Lord Jesus. I encourage to use these hacks and tips because if you do, you will enjoy  dating so much in your life.

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