The Great Flood: 7 Lessons From This Huge Event

The Great Flood

The Great Flood, an amazing Biblical story, describes very huge events that instill fear in the hearts of many. Some don’t know much about it, some do, but as you’ll come to see, every Christian must learn 7 amazing eternal lessons from this story. Believed by both Jews and Christians worldwide, as you’ll see in …

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Praying In The Morning: 5 Reasons Every Christian Should Do It

Praying in the morning is a Biblical practice. If you weren’t aware of this, the numerous rewards of praying in the morning can be absolutely unparalleled and unprecedented in your life. And that’s a fact. For example, it can make you reap amazing rewards for all aspects of your life: physical, economic, emotional, and above …

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10 Bible Verses To Start Your Day With Morning Prayer

Mornings are an incredibly special part of our day. They are uniquely important because they signify the beginning of something new, a new day to love God greatly and do better. While the mundane world speaks of many “morning rituals” that have no real meaning, the only real morning “ritual” is the one practiced by …

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