20 Bible Verses About Money Every Christian Needs To Know

In both capitalist and socialist economies, either governments or individuals have to deal with the procuring or administration of material needs and resources. It is a certain fact of life that people have to deal with material needs in a world with limited resources. This happens to be the subject matter of economics 101: the …

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Creationism Vs Evolution: The 5 Ultimate Reasons Against Evolution Every Christian Must Know

Antibiotic Resistance is NO proof of evolution according to Dr. Georgia Purdom.

In the present world of today, nearly almost everyone has come across a natural science class where a professor teaches students of the “facts” of evolution. They teach students about Darwin’s “Origin of Species” paper and the “evidence” contained in DNA, natural selection, and even fossils, and scientific materialists regard this “evolutionary” theory as “science”. …

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Should Christians Do Yoga? Is Yoga Compatible With Christianity?

Is yoga from the devil?

In the present day, in nearly any city, suburb, community, or college campus, we can frequently see people engaging in what they know as “yoga”, a practice which they think will help them achieve peace, relaxation, fitness and/or a “focused” mind. In addition to its wide representation in movies, TV shows and other media, a …

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