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Hi there! Welcome to this Christ-loving, Christ-centered blog. RedeemerSavior.com is the online destination for those who want to live the best Christian life ever lived. I’m so glad you are here! My desire is to edify your faith, equip you with the resources, tools and encouragement you need to learn God’s Word and apply it …

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6 Must-See Christian Ted Talks

Totally LOVED these 6 Christian Ted Talks! They are SO much better than any other TED talk out there! WOW! LOVE THEM! Christian TED talks are SO amazing! I love Jesus Christ SO MUCH!

Ted Talks can be so educational and great. They can be an amazing way to learn about new stuff from the perspective of professionals and other successful people. However, when it comes to Christian Ted Talks, they become a blessing that comes straight from Heaven. These speakers(specially Ravi Zacharias) are all incredibly successful Christians that …

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