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Creationism Vs Evolution: The 5 Ultimate Reasons Against Evolution Every Christian Must Know

In the present world of today, nearly almost everyone has come across a natural science class where a professor teaches students of the “facts” of evolution. They teach students about Darwin’s “Origin of Species” paper and the “evidence” contained in DNA, natural selection, and even fossils, and scientific materialists regard this “evolutionary” theory as “science”. You see, evolution is just a theory, that is shaped according to lab tests, research and other “evidence”. Scientists have their evidence that they claim support evolution, it turns out this is hardly any real evidence. We will show several facts from notable scientists from Harvard and Ohio State University that deeply refute the evolutionary lies of the “evolution” theory that all show us the veracity of the Bible, and the existence of an intelligent Creator, just as the famous geneticist Francis Collins, leader of the Human Genome Project argues.

1. The first reason for creationism: “mtDNA”

Depicted by the conspicuous Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, who graduated with a Ph.D. in Cell and Developmental Biology from Harvard University:

"MtDNA" is the first evidence against evolution
“MtDNA” is the first evidence against evolution.

What is mtDNA? You may ask. It is the ultimate weapon you will have against evolutionists, which brings their whole theory down. We can really see that God created the world and everything in it with Dr. Jeanson’s intricate research.

Dr. Jeanson states that the evidence of Creationism is depicted in the mitochondrial DNA(“mtDNA”) of the human cell, which points to a single female ancestor of all human beings illustrated in the Bible known as Eve. According to Dr. Jeanson: “Mitochondria and mitochondrial DNA (“mtDNA”) are found in both males and females, but only females appear to pass on mtDNA to their offspring. In other words, we each received our mtDNA from our mother, and our spouses received theirs from their mothers. Each of our children in turn did not inherit their father’s mtDNA; they inherited their mother’s. Evolutionists agree that the current mtDNA differences among modern humans are traceable to a single woman in the past, whom they label “Eve.” However, they insist that this woman was part of a population of humans, not a single pair. This conclusion arises, not because of anything inherent to the mtDNA data, but because of the data from the billions of letters in the rest of the DNA sequence and the evolutionary presuppositions that we discussed in the previous section. From a biblical perspective, all humans trace their ancestry back to Adam and Eve. However, because mtDNA is maternally inherited, YE creationists would agree with evolutionists that mtDNA differences today are traceable to a single woman in the past — Eve (both creation and evolution refer to her with the same name). Furthermore, both evolutionists and creationists would agree that modern mtDNA differences are the result of copying errors (i.e., mutations). Unlike the 3 billion DNA letters of DNA in the cell’s nucleus that come in two versions, mtDNA comes in only one version — effectively, the mother’s version”.

Both creationist and evolutionist scientists happen to agree on this mtDNA fact, and the investigation of this Harvard graduate depicts an astonishing discovery: since the mtDNA can be traced to a single female ancestor, AND “Because mtDNA comes in one version, not in two versions like the 3 billion letters of nuclear DNA sequence, both origins views also hold to copying errors (mutations) as the sole source of DNA variety…Thus, mtDNA comparisons are one of the few type-1 experiments that can actually be performed to answer the question of when humanity began, and since the rate at which mutations occur in mtDNA has already been measured, this experiment can be performed right now”.

According to this, Dr. Jeanson performed an experiment which revealed WHEN humanity began.

He states: By utilizing a measured mtDNA mutation rate, and multiplying by the two numbers of both theories (the first one being the number of years that the evolutionists think it is when humanity began, and the second number being the number of years of humanity’s age since the biblical Flood) 180,000 years or 4,500 years, it is possible to gaze upon the mtDNA differences that should have accumulated according to the timeframe that is specific to each of the theories, then by comparing it with the actual number of mtDNA differences present in the current population’s mtDNA, we can contemplate the theory whose timeframe is accurate and holds veracity. The mutation rate of mtDNA is of 1 mtDNA letter every ~6 generations on average according to a Journal publication of Dr. Jeanson. He states: “After 180,000 years, humans would have accumulated over 2,000 DNA differences (range = 1,220 to ~4,700) via the process of mutation to mtDNA. In just 4,364 years, humans would have accumulated only 30 to 114 mutations. Currently, about 78 differences exist on average in African populations (i.e., the most genetically diverse of all the human ethnic groups), with a maximum difference of ~120. Clearly, the YEC timescale accurately predicts the number of DNA differences that we observe today, while the evolutionary timescale predicts numbers an order of magnitude higher”.

"MtDNA" is the ultimate proof against evolution.
Remember, “MtDNA” is the ultimate proof against evolution.

Thus, by looking at the number of mtDNA differences of the evolutionary timescale we can conspicuously visualize that the evolutionary theory is hereby completely destroyed by this notable Harvard scientist. God exists. The beautiful nature that we love so much, is a product of his making and his Intelligent Design. 

We are not here by any randomness whatsoever, as the next piece of evidence will show.

Let us look into what Dr. Georgia Purdom, a molecular geneticist from Ohio State University who has published papers in the Journal of Neuroscience, the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, and the Journal of Leukocyte Biology. The evidence in the research performed by this conspicuous doctor will refute an element that evolutionists use to argue for evolution.

 2. Second Evidence For Creationism by Dr. Georgia Purdom, Antibiotic “resistance”:

Some evolutionists argue that the antibiotic resistance that some bacteria develop is an example of evolution in action, and this mechanism is being studied by evolutionists in an attempt to uncover the secrets of “evolution” in action. In her article, “Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria: An Example of Evolution in Action?” she explains that this is a lie. In her article, she states that bacteria become resistant through two primary ways: mutation and “horizontal gene transfer” (DNA swap).

Antibiotic Resistance is NO proof of evolution according to Dr. Georgia Purdom.
Antibiotic Resistance is NO proof of evolution according to Dr. Georgia Purdom.

Dr. Purdom conspicuously states: “Bacteria can also become antibiotic resistant by gaining mutated DNA from other bacteria. Unlike you and me, bacteria can swap DNA. But this still is not an example of evolution in action. No new DNA is generated (a requirement for molecules-to-man evolution), it is just moved around. It’s like taking money from your left pocket and putting it into your right pocket—it doesn’t make you wealthier. This mechanism of exchanging DNA is necessary for bacteria to survive in extreme or rapidly changing environments like a hospital (or like those found shortly after the Flood). The mechanisms of mutation and natural selection aid bacteria populations in becoming resistant to antibiotics. However, mutation and natural selection also result in bacteria with defective proteins that have lost their normal functions. Evolution requires a gain of functional systems for bacteria to evolve into man—functioning arms, eyeballs, and a brain, to name a few. Mutation and natural selection, thought to be the driving forces of evolution, only lead to a loss of functional systems. Therefore, antibiotic resistance of bacteria is not an example of evolution in action but rather variation within a bacterial kind. It is also a testimony to the wonderful design God gave bacteria, master adapters and survivors in a sin-cursed world”. In this way, she heavily explains that in order for “evolution” to occur there must be “a gain of functional systems for bacteria to evolve into man”, but that notably “antibiotic resistance of bacteria only leads to a loss of functional systems”.

3. Third Reason For Creationism: Astrophysics

Astrophysics denies evolution ever happened.
Astrophysics denies evolution ever happened.

Astrophysics is another place that if we care to look, we will find evidence of our beautiful notable Creator. The odds that a Big Bang could produce the perfect distance between Sun and Earth in order for life on Earth to be possible are ludicrous. According to the Institute for Creation Research, “the average temperature at the earth’s surface depends upon several factors, the two most important being the distance of the earth from the sun and the tilt of the rotational axis of the earth. If the earth were moved a few million miles closer to the sun, the surface of the earth would become warmer causing our glaciers to melt. All things considered, a minor decrease in the sun’s distance would have a drastic heating effect on the earth’s surface. What would happen if the earth were a few million miles farther from the sun? The reverse of the previous situation applies. We would have more of our planet covered by ice, with associated increased reflectivity of the sun’s heat. The ocean would cover less of the earth’s surface and the important process of absorption of heat by seawater would be decreased. Since the ocean would be colder, evaporation would be less with less heat-trapping water vapor in the atmosphere. Much of the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere would become dissolved in the colder ocean. Calculations show that a decrease of carbon dioxide in the air to just one-half of its present level would lower the average temperature of the earth’s surface by about 7.0 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, increasing the sun’s distance would have a profound cooling effect on our planet”.

For the evolutionist, this perfect astrophysical distance between the Earth and the Sun is just the product a dumb coincidence while for the creationist this astonishingly perfect distance that happens to be absolutely accurate and perfect to breed life on Earth, is the product of an Intelligent Creator.

4. Fourth Reason For Creationism: Archeology and Literature

The Epic of Gilgamesh confirms the Flood and that evolution never happened.
The Epic of Gilgamesh confirms that the Flood effectively happened.

It turns out, not only Biology confirms the existence of God. Several sciences confirm the existence of a Creator and the veracity of the Bible, and one of them is archeology. It turns out that the events described in the Bible are far from being fiction. We can find an important piece of archeological conspicuous evidence in an extant ancient Mesopotamian text: The Epic of Gilgamesh, which is often regarded as a great work of literature that has survived great periods of time. According to the Ancient History Encyclopedia, this “great Sumerian/Babylonian poetic work which pre-dates Homer’s writing by 1500 years and, therefore, stands as the oldest piece of epic Western literature”, and that “a German team of archaeologists claim to have discovered the tomb of Gilgamesh in April of 2003 CE. Archaeological excavations, conducted through modern technology involving magnetization in and around the old riverbed of the Euphrates, have revealed garden enclosures, specific buildings, and structures described in The Epic of Gilgamesh including the great king’s tomb”. According to Dr. Pam Beattie, professor in the Department of Comparative Humanities in the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky, this important piece of archeological evidence that is the Epic of Gilgamesh makes an astonishing reference to the biblical Flood in the poem. This archeological discovery depicts that this huge biblical event actually happened and it is far from being fiction, as many scientific materialists and evolutionists wrongly believe.

5. Fifth and Final Reason Against Evolution: Words from Francis Collins, Leader of the Human Genome Project 

Here are some words that deeply touch my heart. These are the words of the notable Francis Collins, Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Yale University and leader scientist of the Human Genome Project, what some consider to be the most prestigious job in all of science:

“Many people get hung up on the whole evolution versus creation argument — one of the great tragedies of the last 100 years is the way in which this has been polarized. On the one hand, we have scientists who basically adopt evolution as their faith, and think there’s no need for God to explain why life exists. On the other hand, we have people who are believers who are so completely sold on the literal interpretation of the first book of the Bible that they are rejecting very compelling scientific data about the age of the earth and the relatedness of living beings. It’s unnecessary. I think God gave us an opportunity through the use of science to understand the natural world. The idea that some are asking people to disbelieve our scientific data in order to prove that they believe in God is so unnecessary”.

These words from Francis Collins are from a statement he gave in an interview depicting how he left his atheism to become a believer when he witnessed the faith of dying patients in a hospital. What this man is saying in this quote is absolutely touching.

Yale University, the alma mater of Dr. Francis Collins, an ex-atheist refutes evolution.
Yale University, the alma mater of Dr. Francis Collins, an ex-atheist that refutes evolution and loves the Lord.

Being a scientific person involves looking at ALL the data before a conclusion. And as Christians, we make decisions based on faith, but our holy Lord is so merciful of atheists that He has provided data as well. They just have to be willing to look. Just like this post has depicted, there are lots of conspicuous groundbreaking information from notable scientists like Dr. Purdom, Dr. Jeanson, Dr. Collins, in just a few years of research, and who knows what the coming years of research will uncover? And just like Dr. Collins stated, everyone can make a choice, their own choice. I choose to believe in what the evidence of Creationism shows. You can choose whether to believe in evolution, or creationism, but whatever decision you make, definitely be a scientific person and look at all the data that all these notable scientists have uncovered. Choose wisely and God bless you.

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