Saturday, September 21, 2019
WOW! TOTALLY LOVED these 40 Billy Graham quotes!

Top 40 Billy Graham Quotes To Know And Change Your Life

These are 40 of the best Billy Graham quotes: Some of the best words a man could have ever spoken in this world. From Harry S. Truman to Barack Obama, Billy Graham counseled 12 consecutive...
Totally LOVED these 15 Proverbs for kids! Any kid can become really smart with these Proverbs! LOVE them!

15 Powerful Proverbs For Kids You’ll Wish They Knew Sooner

The book of Proverbs is amazing. They're life-changing, meaningful, extremely useful, and can make a difference in your kids' life. Here are 15 of the best Proverbs for kids. In here you'll find a list....
Totally LOVED these 3 truths to find God's Plan for my LIFE! WOW!

God’s Plan: 3 Mind-Blowing Tips To Not Miss God’s Plan For Your Life

Many people worry that they will miss God's Plan for their life, because of many circumstances. Worrying about this is not a bad thing. This worry can actually be something good for you, because...
Totally LOVED these 5 Daily Christian Habits that will make or break ME as a Christian! I'm SO glad I even found this!

5 Daily Habits That Will Make Or Break You As A Christian

When it comes to success, whether it is economic success, career success, marriage success or Christian life success, establishing disciplined habits is important. These incredible Christian habits to check out all hail from the...
Best Bible verses

Best Bible Verses: 10 Scriptures Every Christian Should Know By Heart

Among the amazing vastness of the Scripture of God's Word, you may have wondered where to give a focus in learning. This wondering can totally stop because these are some of the best Bible...