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About Me

Hi there!

Welcome to this Christ-loving, Christ-centered blog. RedeemerSavior.com is the online destination for those who want to live the best Christian life ever lived.

I’m so glad you are here! My desire is to edify your faith, equip you with the resources, tools and encouragement you need to learn God’s Word and apply it to your life so you can live the Word of God in a way that has a lasting impact.

I have been blogging since my English college professor inspired me to start a website when she liked my writing and told me to publish some of my essays on how Jesus is WAY more superior to every other religion in the world, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and similar. (I’m so glad she encouraged me, because without her I wouldn’t have started this blog!)

Whatever religion you can think of, you name it, Jesus is superior to it on absolutely every level. Hallelujah.

But that’s not the only topic of this blog.

I want to help you live the best and most amazing Christian life ever(the one we’re called to live) so that you feel confident, by the grace of God, in carrying out the many vocations you have been called to as a Christian.

I share devotionals, Christian living tips, deep Bible studies, Apologetical studies, and just simple daily encouragement for your life and your faith.

In my blog, you’ll find resources so great for your Christian life that you can’t even imagine it.

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If you have any questions, prayer requests, no matter how big or small, you can reach me anytime redeemersaviorcontact@gmail.com and I’ll respond!

God bless you greatly!

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Joseph Monroe

Joseph is a writer, videographer and founder of RedeemerSavior.com. He holds a B.A. from the University of Louisville and his biggest passion in life is loving Jesus above everything else.

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