3 Mind-Blowing Biblical Keys For Solving All Marital Problems

According to the U.S. Department of Health And Human Services, there are about 813,862 divorces per year in the U.S.

That’s about 15,651 divorces per week and 2,235 divorces per day. That’s just insane. And it is really insane because to the shock of many people, divorce is something that is WAY far from what God wants for marriage.

But don’t worry because if you’re incredibly blessed enough to know the beautiful Lord Jesus it will now be shared what is necessary to start solving all marital problems and/or working on them(if it’s beginning to have trouble) right now.

What’s amazing is that, if any of those people knew Christ and practiced his amazing teachings, there wouldn’t even be any divorces at all.

Why is there such a high divorce rate in the U.S.? Why does it seem that marriage just does not work for those people?

What are the causes that are bringing such high divorce rates, not just in U.S. but the world as well?

Would it be due to affairs, fights, or something like that? Or maybe is it something wrong with marriage itself?

As it turns out it is none of the above. The devil tries to disguise the causes, so that people can attribute it to anything but the real and actual cause of “marriage death”:

The cause of so many people’s marriages being the victim of the divorce “assassin” is actually just one:

Those marriages do not have Christ in the center of them.

As you’ll see, Christ must be at the center of your marriage in order for it to be a Biblical, amazing marriage.

The world barely offers any solution for marital problems. And I’ll let you in on a little secret: The world is helpless in doing what only the Lord Jesus Christ can do. GLORY to Him.

So Here Are Those 3 Amazing Biblical Ways To Solve All Marital Problems(or work on them) Right NOW:

Be A Woman That Walks With God

10 top Bible studies for women
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Ever heard the phrase: “it’s not you, it’s me?” When what you want is a Biblical marriage, this is DEFINITELY true. It’s you. It starts with you. Solving all marital problems begins with you.

In a relationship, there are many problems your spouse can cause, and you aren’t in control of any of them, or whatever he may do.

But there is someone you are in control of. That’s yourself.

Before saving your relationship or working on your marital problems, the first work you have to do is on yourself.  In becoming a Biblical woman. 

When you are a Biblical woman, you’ll be able to lead your husband to righteousness.

If you are woman that walks with God and leads a Christ-centered relationship, there is NO marriage trouble that’ll ever be enough to BEAT you. Never ever. I guarantee you that.

So therefore, you must have a Christ-centered relationship, but first:

For Christ to become the center of your relationship, He must first be your own center. The center of yourself. If Christ isn’t your own center, or you don’t have a Christ-centered life, start having one RIGHT NOW by practicing these steps:

  1. Have Holiness In Your Life
  2. Pray At Least 3 Times A Day
  3. Have Intense Bible-study habits
  4. Go To A Church With Safe Doctrine

You NEED to learn all about that, so we go into depth into each one of these steps which are backed up by Biblical Scriptures, right in this post.

This step is SO important. There is a list of marital problems that are merely all resolved by being a Biblical woman that walks with God:

Overspending: a lot of couples fight when one of them tends to overspend and really put the family into debt. We believe when there is an overspending problem, there is a demon, or other spiritual problem behind.

Trying to fill your life with stuff and being an excessive shopaholic may sometimes be labeled as a psychological problem, but it is really a spiritual problem that anyone that doesn’t have a Christ-filled heart can potentially have.


Drinking: It is allowed in Christianity, but a lot of couples also fight because of some drinking problem their partner may have.

This is a very serious issue that deserves a whole post on its own, but in a few words: if you have a drinking problem, you have a sin and a spiritual chain that needs to be broken by the Lord.

AA meetings and sponsors may help, but NO ONE can destroy alcoholism like the beautiful Lord Jesus.


Because, obviously: if you are a Biblical woman that is walking with God daily, alcohol will never be your best friend.

In fact, it won’t even taste that good or provide that much of a thrill to you. But in order to reap those spiritual rewards, you HAVE to be walking with the Lord. 

Jealousy of that “good-looking” coworker of your husband: when you are a Biblical woman that walks with God: you’ll never be bothered by jealousy.

When Jesus Christ is at the center of your marriage, you’ll be able to trust your husband.

Many more issues and marital problems are merely solved by walking with the beautiful Lord Jesus. To know more, follow us on Pinterest and stay tuned!

Practice Biblical Submission To Your Husband

With these marriage Scriptures you will become a marriage genius

Once you are a woman that is walking with our beautiful Lord, you’re ready for submission in marriage.

What is Biblical submission in marriage?

In a few words, it is fulfilling the mission to be the God-given help your husband needs.

Successful Christian authors Timothy and Kathy Keller did a study in which they found out that the word helper in this Bible verse has an INCREDIBLE, much deeper meaning than what English allows it to mean.

It comes from the Hebrew word “ezer”, which doesn’t mean “help” in the American way as we would understand it. 

This Hebrew word for help connotes a kind of help without which an important task would be impossible to do, like the help from an entire army in winning an important war!

So from now on, think of yourself as God-given help! How amazing right?

You need to help your husband in his daily walk with God, to avoid temptation of adultery, to be a good dad, and any other area in which your help is so essential and which marital problems can start just out of the blue.

Once you start to walk with God like a Biblical woman, and be the God-given help you’re meant to be, wonders that’ll help a lot in your marital problems begin to happen:

When conflicts want to arise, you’ll have the love and patience to work through them, instead of fighting.

Because Christ is at the center of your marriage, there’ll be patience and love in places where you can’t even imagine.

You’ll experience patience and love that couples that don’t have the beautiful Lord Jesus never experience. Because that’s just how amazing the Lord is.

There is only one legitimate reason to stop submission, and divorce: and that is unfaithfulness. You need to learn all about that as well, and we go into real depth of this subject in here.

Now that you’ve learned step 1 and 2, and you’re a woman that has her own personal walk with God, and practices Biblical submission, you’re ready to have the Christ-centered near-perfect marriage that God meant you to have.

Put Christ At The Center Of Your Marriage

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This one is saved for last because unless you’re a Biblical woman who’s walking with the Lord and practices Biblical submission, Christ can’t be in the center and thus you can’t possibly start solving your marital problems.

Putting Him in the center of your marriage means only one thing: the center is the most important place. It means giving Him the most important place in your marriage.

Step 1 and 2 are vital before achieving this because how are you going to put Him in the center of your marriage if He’s not in the center of your heart first?

When He’s at the center of your heart and your marriage, you’ll be doing what ALL the Biblical women did. You’ll be obeying Christ before anything.

Now you’re ready to obey Him just like Esther did:


Esther was a Godly woman married to one of the most powerful men of the world in her time. You need to learn all about her. For that you can go to our in-depth post on the Book of Esther.

She is a vivid example that all Biblical wives must obey and trust God before even obeying their husbands, because as men, they can fail. We found out just how much of an inspiration she can be in this Bible verse:

 eSTHER 4:15: “Then Esther sent this reply to Mordecai: 16 “Go, gather together all the Jews who are in Susa, and fast for me. Do not eat or drink for three days, night or day. I and my attendants will fast as you do. When this is done, I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish”.

When she was in trouble, Esther did not obey anyone but God and started to look for him fervently in hardcore fasting and prayer.

When you do this, you won’t be like Eve who caused her husband to sin. Instead, you’ll lead him to God. When this happens, you’re golden.

When temptation to cheat or have an affair comes, it just won’t happen. When temptation to drink comes, it just won’t happen. When money troubles come, you’ll both have the strength to work through them.

Think of it this way: Christ is the sun. Your marriage is planet Earth. If Earth didn’t have a sun, it would become cold and die. And the Earth orbits the sun, it isn’t the sun that orbits the Earth.

God’s original purpose for marriage is for it to last forever. And that couples work through any issue with the help of Christ. 

There are many number of things and marital problems that can break up a marriage, but much to people’s surprise they have ALL been solved in the Bible, which you can learn a lot more about by going here.

Divorce is something from the devil. The devil’s purpose is to destroy anything God has created.

And if he somehow manages to destroy the family, which is the fundamental unit of society, he would manage to achieve a lot in his purpose to destroy!

But you are fortunate now because I have given you the most important weapon to work on all and any marital problems: The Lord Jesus Christ.

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