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Praying in the morning

Praying In The Morning: 5 Reasons Every Christian Should Do It

Praying in the morning is a Biblical practice. If you weren't aware of this, the numerous rewards of praying in the morning can be absolutely unparalleled and unprecedented in your life. And that's a fact. For example,...
morning prayer

10 Bible Verses To Start Your Day With Morning Prayer

Mornings are an incredibly special part of our day. They are specially important because they signify the beginning of something new, a new day to love God greatly and do better. While the mundane world...
LOVED THIS! I'm SO glad I found this! It's SO important to start taming the tongue!

10 Bible Verses To Pray To Start Taming The Tongue

Gossip, slander, lying, you name it! The sins of the tongue can be MANY. It's important we start to pray for taming the tongue. The issue with taming the tongue can be both hard and...
WOW! LOVED these 10 things about Heaven that BLEW MY MIND AWAY! Im SO glad I found this! I'm SO excited about Heaven! Thank you my beloved God!

10 Wonderful And Mind-Blowing Things Every Christian Needs To Know About Heaven

Heaven is going to blow away your mind. Once the Lord comes like a thief in the night, and when people are least expecting it, He'll whisk away every single one of his beloved...
Biblical husband

The 5 Marks Of Biblical Wife You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

This post is a courtesy of my mother, Maite, a Pastor's wife. Biblical wifehood can be so amazing. It is defined by being the wife God wants you to be. These are the best 5 marks,...